Reggaeton as a dance together with the music was derived in Puerto Rico. It is very expressive and exclusive street dance of Latin America. Usually reggaeton is danced in couples. Variety of exotic, seductive movements of hips and chest are specific to this dance. Because of that reggaeton is considered to be a little bit provocative and inappropriate. In our days, rhythms of reggaeton are more often heard in popular dance music and the dance itself was modified and made to dance solo.

Reggaeton has its own groove, specific sense of the rhythm. The big challenge in this dance is to be able to move different parts of your body in different beats. That is why while dancing reggaeton you improve the whole movement of your body as well as specific isolations. These days reggaeton can be supplemented with some steps from other dance styles like Hip Hop, Dance Hall, Twerk and other.

Everyone can dance reggaeton, it is a dance not only for girls, but also for guys. And if you are brave enough, you can always dance it in couples. It is a perfect way to release the energy from your body. While dancing reggaeton all of your body muscles are working hard that is why it is not only a great way to spend your evenings but also a very effective workout. Also you can use reggaeton moves in other dance styles, like Salsa, or just show them in the club on the dance floor, with that kind of moves you will definitely be noticed. 😉

In reggaeton classes:


-all muscles in the body are activated and strengthen;

-improving the movement of body;

-learning basics of body isolations;

-learning about specifics of reggaeton music;

-learning a lot of different reggaeton moves;

-learning about dance improvisations;

-your body is filled with positive energy.


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