High heels

Dancing with high heels

Dancing in high heels is a part of a comertial dance world. It does not fit into any dance style frames because in heels you can dance anything starting with Hip Hop and ending with technical Contemporary dance. High heels are usualy used to emphasize dancers femininity, sexuality,  elegancy.  That is why usualy next to the performing artist we can see a strong, self-confident women dancing in high heels. It catches everyones eyes.

It is easy to dance in sneakers or bare feet becouse you have a stable ground under. When you wear heels the ground suddenly becomes unstable, shaky. That is why dancing in heels requires a lot of atention to the right body posture, flexibility, equilibrium and coordination of the body. For dancing in heels you can choose any kind of music and the choreography itself is built with a lot of different steps from difrent style of dances. It can be the dance to show sensitive side of the women, her vulnerability, inner peace or it can be dance to show her sexuality, wild life style, independence and it can even be a little provocative dance. Everythinh depends on the dancer herself. Dancing in high heels helps women to get more self-confidence, to be happy about their bodies, feel elegant, sexy and a little wild.

During the classes you will:

– improve body posture, walking skills wearing high heels;

-improve flexibility and coordination of the body;

-learn about different styles of dances;

-improve musicality;

-learn how to improvise in dance.


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