Part three. Accommodation in Cuba

Cuba is famous for its casa particular accommodation, i.e. Private house. It is no secret to anyone that Cuba’s economic situation is not the best as in other South American countries. Locals, without having their own business and earning some money, offer accommodation to their tourists – casa particular. Any Cuban who wishes to carry out such activities must obtain permission from the Cuban authorities, and their house is marked with a special sign similar to an anchor (see photo). Such a sign indicates that a Cuban may receive guests. Otherwise, according to locals, they are not at risk of being fined. HavanaSi travelers, of course, chose to live with local people. Therefore, we have no detailed information about the situation with hotels and their prices. Why local? The first criterion was price. AsThe local prices are much lower than in hotels. Second, everything can be ordered freely via the AirBnB platform. We really didn’t have any problems, and the tenants always look forward to the guests. Third, living with people, getting to know Cuban culture and the local way of life. Fourthly, the locals are very helpful, provide a lot of information, advise where the best places to eat, the best food, and of course the hottest dance floor and cocktails.
Living with the locals is good enough. All rooms have been cleaned and clean, so you shouldn’t be afraid and we recommend casa particular.
One Minus for Travelers – English is not enough. Most Cubans speak Spanish only, and with different dialects, so having a landlord can be a bodybuilder. It would be useful to know the basics of the Spanish language. Another important thing – all information, local recommendations and suggestions for entertainment go through a friend of friends. Hence, everyone gets the appropriate peso. We suggest that you do not despair immediately with the tenant’s offerings (unless you immediately charge the corresponding price). As an example, on a trip to a national park with horses, an apartment tenant offered us the best price for 12 CUC. Meanwhile, in the city, we paid 8 CUC for the same trip.
The locals also offer breakfast and dinner. ☕It can be understood that taking 8 euros per night for 4 people is completely unprofitable (ps prices range from 8 euros to 50 euros, depending on which city and where, how many rooms, etc.). . We traveled all over Cuba, and the standard breakfast rate was 5 CUC, for which eggs, some vegetables, a fresh fruit cocktail, dessert and coffee can be obtained. Dinner prices fluctuated from the complexity of the meal, i.e. from 7 CUC to 10 CUC.
Traveler Memo:
8. Accommodation in “casa particular”
9. AirBnB works reliably
10. Overnight stay from 8 Euro to ….
11. Breakfast costs CUC 5, dinner from 7 to 10 CUC
12. It is necessary to have the basics of Spanish